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Yukon Police Council

The Yukon Police Council was established to provide a formal structure and ongoing mechanism for community members to have input in to the policing services they receive.  The Council’s focus is to promote ongoing dialogue, in order to foster positive relationships between the Yukon citizens, the Yukon RCMP (“M” Division) and the Department of Justice.

The establishment of the Yukon Police Council is a key recommendation flowing from Sharing Common Ground, the final report of the Review of Yukon’s Police Force 2010.

The Yukon Police Council’s main roles are to: 

  • ensure that a broad representation of Yukon citizens have input into the Territorial Police Service objectives, priorities and goals established by the Minister of Justice.
  • provide advice that the Minister of Justice may consider when establishing policing objectives, priorities and goals pursuant to the Territorial Police Services Agreement.
  • increase the flow of information between citizens, the Department of Justice and “M” Division of the RCMP.

The members of the Yukon Police Council are:

Elodie Dulac, Doris McLean, Lisa Anderson, Michael Riseborough, Patricia Daws, Rob Schneider, and Thomas E. Ullyett, Chair.

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    Call toll free 1-800-661-0408 (ext. 6475)
    In Whitehorse, call 393-6475

    Yukon Police Council Secretariat
    Box 2703 J-10
    Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2C6